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Service Innovation: The New Business Model for the Digital World

05 July 2012 to 06 July 2012

There is an inexorable trend toward services. In most developed economies, over 70 per cent of the working population are employed by service firms. Even traditional manufacturers are servitizing, adding services to their traditional product offerings as they recognise the potential economic and strategic benefits of selling services.

We know a lot about how to design and innovate products, but what about services? How well equipped are you and your management teams for service innovation? What lessons can we take from the world of products and apply to the world of services, when it comes to service design? How can multidisciplinary teams integrate knowledge in the discovery and development of new services? What role do digital technologies play in the process of innovation?

This programme will explore service design and innovation through a lively discussion of the latest thinking using practical examples so that participants will leave equipped with tools that they can apply in their own organisations.


  • The impact of the global shift from providing products towards delivering solutions.
  • How to identify and develop service innovation opportunities.
  • The impact of digital technology on service innovation.
  • Designing organisations, networks and infrastructures to deliver service innovation.
  • Testing the market place for service innovation.
  • Developing an implementation strategy to ensure a successful business model.

For more information and to register, please visit: http://www.jbs.cam.ac.uk/execed/open/serviceinnovation.html